How It Works:
10 steps to your new space!

So, you’re interested in Touchmark renovating your space.  What happens next?

  1. Fill out the “Free Estimate [link to lead form]” form telling us about your project and how to reach you.
  2. Touchmark will contact you and schedule an appointment to come see your space.  Before we visit, checkout these helpful planning resources [link to page].
  3. Client and Contractor Meeting: During this visit you explain the scope of work you’d like done.  Touchmark takes measurements and photos of your space and gives you a general idea of the plan.
  4. Now’s the FUN part: You start making selections of your finishes, appliances, colors, materials, and fixtures!  At the client/contractor meeting, Touchmark recommended some places to shop, so you visit these and write down details about each selection.  Enter your details on the selections form [hyperlink]. [wrap text with pic]
  5. Design and draw: While you were making selections, Touchmark was drawing up plans for your space [wrap text with pic].
  6. A proposal is made: Now with your selections, the measurements, photos of your space, and the drawings, Touchmark is ready to put together a proposal for you (for large renovations, Touchmark will also need to schedule a pre-construction meeting for subcontractors to come evaluate your space).  The proposal explains the scope of work and cost of the project. [wrap text with pic]
  7. Sign off on Proposal & Plans: Touchmark meets with you again, shows you the proposal and drawings, and you love it.  The proposal is signed and a deposit is made.
  8. Scheduling: Your renovation is scheduled according to crew, subcontractor, and material availability.  Your selections are ordered and purchased [wrap text w/ pic].
  9. Deconstruction and Construction begins.  Touchmark works diligently and carefully to carry out the renovation to the highest quality standards.  During this phase progress billing occurs.
  10. Walkthrough.  After project completion a final walkthrough is made to make sure all the t’s were crossed and the i’s dotted.  You see the finished project and make sure that you are pleased with every detail.  As an added bonus you love your new space so much you recommend Touchmark to your friends and family.